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Since I now have this page and need to add some content, let’s talk guitars.  Specifically, let’s talk Telecasters.  I’ve played guitar on and off for better than 25 years now, and I keep coming back to Leo Fender’s first design, the Fender Telecaster.  I’ve owned several over the years, and currently own two.  If you have to ask “why two similar guitars?” you obviously are not a guitar player…

For those of you unfamiliar with guitars, here’s an early example:


They still make them, and not all that much different.  You can see it’s pretty simple: two pickups (one under that chrome cover on the left), a volume know, a tone knob, and a switch to select between the pickups.  Done.  The neck is a separate piece of wood, bolted on to the body.  If it breaks, swap it out.  Easy to make, easy to fix – just a good design.  You can buy fancier guitars, with nicer woods and more knobs and various bells and whistles, but this has everything you need.  In fact, more than you need: Fender also offered a budget priced, single-pickup version called the Esquire – and if you have one sitting around offending your senses I’d be happy to give it a new home.

Now that we know what they are, I’ll talk about what they do – and why I think they haven’t been bettered – in the next few days.  You know, ‘cuz I need to practice my blogging skillz.